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Hale Center Murals
Getting Professional Care

(06/12/17 WBI smw) - The Hale Center Beautification Association aka Parks & Recreational Committee have hired a new artist in Hale Center, TX! His name is Alfonso Garcia from Tulia, TX . He is a seasoned artist who has paintings all over this area. He has done work in Tulia, Quitaque, Turkey, Amarillo, Lubbock and Plainview. He paints a variety of art work from churches and homes to billboard signs, canvas', murals and even automobiles. His love for art began for him as a child. His first commercial project was during his high school years. He later earned his Associates Degree in Commercial Art & Advertising and began his work only part time until about five years ago. He is now a full time artist and has proven to be really good at it. We are very thankful to have his talents to beautify our community.

A couple of committee members met with Dr. Freeman and his wife Marjorie who were very excited to learn that their art work would be cared for and kept in good condition. They are in high hopes that all residents of Hale Center will do their part to make this a wonderful place to live.

Above is a picture of Alfonso's work on our mural originally painted by Mary Lou Nivens & friends that had been vandalized this last winter. It turned out great! He is now working on two more murals that have faded or were ruined by the weather. We plan to use his talents for upkeep of our beautiful murals that Dr. Freeman and several members and former members of our community painted all around town.

We pray that no other parts of our community will be vandalized, yet if you see suspicious activity please do not hesitate to report it right away. We take pride in our community and the condition it is in.

The Beautification Association/Parks & Rec. committee would like to invite anyone interested in being involved to let us know. To name a few of the many roles we play as members are refurbishing our murals, improving our parks and stocking fish in our very own Caudle Lake Park. Our members are full of great ideas and we welcome other ideas as well as helping hands. Donations can be made at Vista Bank that would help us have this kind of work done as well as other benefits for our community.

Thank you,

Wendy Baker

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