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Board Votes to CLOSE
Senior Citizen's Center

(10/12/17 WBI smw) - The Insider has learned that the Board of the Hale Center Senior Citizen's Center has voted to Close the institution due to what has been deemed, Lack of public support and or interest.

The Center is financially supported by a combination of resources including public donations, state subsidy, city subsidy, and an annual drive. We were informed that there are approximately 40 homes served "Meals on Wheels" which are delivered by volunteers and subsidized by the State,as well as a handful of locals who dine at the Center, at a cost that just covers food and preparation, of $5 for those over 60 and $6 for those under 60.

There will be some appeals made by individuals, whether they will be of influence or not remains to be seen. Board members (that we know of) include: Carl Marshall, Judy Logan, Spec Cox, & Bill Gary.

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