Hope Ministries
Spreading the Love of Christ as Servant Leaders

We believe the Holy Spirit has directed us to restore regular worship services at the old "Friendship Holy Baptist Church" formerly "Lone Star Baptist Church" at 612 Avenue A in Hale Center. The building has been pad-locked and vacated for decades, but as you can see needs only a little dedicated TLC and a fresh anointing of the One who has called us to rebuild! Please prayerfully consider being a part with a regular or one-time, tax-deductible donation.

Below are a list of Donor's assigned numbers and the amount they have donated
in the year of 2018. To receive a donor number contact us at: welove2laugh@hotmail.com, or on Facebook and we will assign you a number. Anytime your donation is received, the cumulative amount will appear next to your number. All donations will be tax deductible and a receipt for your donation will be available upon request at the end of the year
Expenditures and church balance is below in the "printable area" of this page.

Donor numbers in black with all zeros belong to folks who's donation is forthcoming. If you would like to donate, you may request a Donor Number ID from Sally or me on Facebook, in person, or by email at: welove2laugh@hotmail.com


DN#090118 - $70.00
DN#090218 - $144.00
DN#090318 - $000.00
DN#770519 - $20.00
DN#770119 - $500.00


DN#090418 - $175.00
DN#100118 - $200.00
DN#100218 - $70.00
DN#770218 - $50.00
DN#770120 - $25.00
DN#770121 - $000.00


DN#100318 - $1000.00
DN#100418 - $300.00
DN#770118 - $1000.00
DN#770418 - $20.00
DN#770518 - $50.00

Click Here to Print Financials

Below is the Church Balance as of 10/17/2018
Upcoming needs include:
Pest extermination supplies - est.: $175.00
Cleaning Supplies & Utensils - est.: $150.00
Connection and 1st Month's Electricity - est.: $150.00
Sheetrock Repair & Painting - est.: $300.00
Total immediate needs: $775.00
Deficit: Surplus: $1423.90

Monthly Rent of $300.00 per month will commence January 1, 2019
We hope to begin services in the building November 4th, 2018
Bishop Willie Griffin has graciously foregone fourth quarter rent as we improve the building.

Expenditures as of 10/17/2018
* Clerical Filing for Non Profit Status $384.00
* Clerical Filing for EIN Number $49.00
* Domain Name for this Webpage $8.17
* Local Benevolence Ministries** $63.93
* Power pole & meterbase upgrade $840.00
* Deposit for Water $50.00
* Donations to Missions** $30.00

** Expenses listed under Local Benevolence Ministries and Missions are funds used from the general account above for meeting needs of others in the community. Anyone with a donor ID# may request to see what these expenses are at any time, they will otherwise be kept anonymous.

Click Here to View:  October Receipts

Here are some pictures of the project before us ( ie. The Church House)
and below these are some pix of our previous outdoor services.

Looking out from the pulpit

This is the (back) southwest corner of the sanctuary

Our baptismal...we can't wait to clean and fill it!!

The Choir Loft

Looking to the front from the south side

The south wall needing window and ceiling repair

The north wall from the south center of the sanctuary

...as you drive up.

Southbound on Avenue A, at 6th Street

Looking at the building from the south.

The yet unmown lawn on the south side
(Our riding mower broke down before we finished.) :-(

Previous Outdoor Worship Services from the Basketball Court...

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018