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A "Finally" Changed Life
Terry Wright's Testimony


As a little boy, mama and daddy took me to Mayfield Baptist church where at 4 or 5 years of age, I strummed a little guitar and sang, "I saw the light!" Later (August 30, 1970) in about 5th grade I walked the isle, at First Baptist here in Hale Center, where I gave my heart to Jesus, and was baptized. Later (October 9, 1974,) that same fellowship, under the leadership of brother Carroll Green, licensed me to preach the Gospel. I vowed to give my ALL to him, and not be carried away by the lure of this world.

Then I got out of school, moved away from mama and daddy and realized I could do as I pleased. Soon the things I vowed would never get a hold on me, had me living just like the older saints I used to "preach at!"

BUT PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME...it is His lovingkindness that leads us to repentance! After living over half a century...it was His LOVE that arrested me, and drew me back to the vows of my youth!

Today, I can attest, as can my sweet Sally, that there is no higher calling, no greater honor than to bow and kneel before His throne. Wealth, worldly security, fame...they all lose their luster in the light of our Father's forgiving face.

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! If you're breathing, then He's still calling. Those ever-important issues that us "grown-ups" have to deal with everyday; career, retirement, etc., are still just temporary obstacles trying to hinder me from throwing up my hands, and again...with the faith of a little child, humbly following where my Master leads.

Our daily prayer is a prayer of surrender and submission...that His sweet love constrain us, and lead us on to Zion - never again to roam.

"The Longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows."

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