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Simon Martinez
Funeral Mass will be Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Chris Thomas
Memorial Services were Monday, November 12, 2018

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Victor L. Martinez
Funeral Mass was Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Charles Wesley 1739

Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing,
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
The glories of my God and king!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Blessed be the Name, blessed be the Name,
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
Blessed be the Name, blessed be the Name,
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Submitted by:  Sally & Terry
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"Did You Know?"
Watching Greed Grow
...After You Die!

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We have established a web-page for the church project we've been called to undergo in reviving the old "Lone Star Baptist" / "Friendship Holy Baptist Church." You may access that page by clicking: HopeDonors.org We are looking for monetary donations as we move forward "Rebuilding the walls of the temple!" All donations will be strictly accounted for, as will expenses. You can see our layout and get a donor ID# at the website. Thank you and God Bless!

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Local November
Mindy Lynch Nov 14, Lubbock
Scarlett Roger Nov 14, Natchitoches, LA
Christopher Lucero Jr Nov 14, Hale Center
Susan Wright Martin Nov 15, Hale Center
Sonny Tiffin Nov 15, Hale Center
Kaleb Cole Nov 15, Hale Center
Adam Salas Nov 15, Plainview
Ashley Hardage Edlin Nov 15, Plainview
Adam River Nov 15, Corpus Christ
Myrlene Bourland Bridwell Nov 16, Austin
Nathanial Garcia Nov 17, Hale Center
Christian Martinez Nov 17, Hale Center
Thomas Davis Nov 17, Hale Center
Martin Olvera Nov 17, Hale Center
Linda Rivera Nov 17, Sinton, TX
Simona Longoria Nov 18, Hale Center
Harold Needham Nov 19, Lubbock
Daniel Flores Nov 19, Lubbock
Irene Salas Nov 20, Forney, TX
Irene Salas Nov 20, Forney, TX
DaKota Waller Nov 20, Hale Center
Anastacio Garcia Nov 21, Hale Center
Jane Calderon Nov 21, Hale Center
Ava Hubley Nov 22, Killeen
Sammy Ruiz Nov 22, Hale Center
Zachariah Villarreal Nov 23, Hale Center
Veronica Collins Nov 23, Killeen
Janie Calderon Nov 24, Hale Center
Morgan Belyeu Nov 24, Seagraves, TX
Michael Aiden Rogers Nov 25, Hale Center
Arianna Montalvo Nov 25, Hale Center
Stella Esparza Nov 26, Hale Center
Arthur Rogers Nov 26 Plainview
Ivan Carrillo Nov 26, Shallowater
Justin Garcia Nov 27, Hale Center
Sylvia Luera Nov 27, Hale Center
Raelynn Davis Nov 27, Hale Center
Simona Cervantes Nov 28, Heaven
Alvina Hernandez Alvarado Nov 28, Hale Center
Conchita Hernandez (Maria Alcala) Nov 28, Hale Center
Stacie Hardage Nov 28, Plainview
Gracie Rodriguez Nov 28, Hale Center
Gene Tyer Nov 29, Hale Center
Josie Dominguez Nov 29, Hale Center

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