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Dream Home For Sale
Call C.P. Smith to Schedule a Property Tour

(10/22/14 Rev 07/29/15 WBI smw) - The Home pictured below is currently on the market with C.P. Smith Real Estate in Hale Center. Restored and 95% fully remodeled this property with its new fence, shop, basement, spectacular landscaping, and cozy and spacious house all combine to create one of the most unique and luxurious "Home Opportunities" ANYWHERE!!

There's a basement, utility room and 3 bedrooms and is fully ready to move into and enjoy. The house is very tight and well insulated with new windows and a beautiful, full, new kitchen! The pictures reflect the awesomeness of this property, but ONLY a tour can do justice to this one-of-a-kind family home.

Enjoy the pictures and call C.P. Smith @: 806-879-2348   806-839-1600 to get more information and/or schedule a viewing of the back lawn and inside.

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