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EMS Seeks Renovation
Fundraiser Set to Kick Off

(02/10/15 WBI s&w) - We were invited to a press conference at the Hale Center EMS building Monday Morning, February 9th to learn of intentions to upgrade and renovate the facility that houses one of Hale Center's greatest assets - Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Hale Center Insider as well as The American learned of accomplishments and intentions for the EMS by Interim Director, Matt Carter.

As far as the current state of the service we receive, TB Icon Carter was understandably proud of recent accomplishments. "I'm very proud of the staff and the professional way they conduct themselves." Carter said, "We're constantly working to improve the medical services we provide to Hale Center and in the surrounding area. In August we only had one paramedic on staff. As of now we have six along with three intermediates, so that gives us a total of nine ALS, really improving life-saving interventions. And as of today offer advanced life-support, 24-7…it's constantly running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Originally, don't know if you knew this, but this service was a volunteer organization and few, if any, of the volunteers stayed in this building—today since we’re on this site 24-7 we've got them here all the time!"

Carter went on to explain how the EMS Building is actually owned by the city, and the operations are under the budget blanket of the City of Hale Center, with a FLAT RATE budget provided each year with the city council's approval. He also explained how the building that once was for a volunteer service with one ambulance now has 2 mobile units as well as a full time staff on board, all while sharing the facility with our city's Civil Defense equipment and vehicle. "Quite frankly we're on the verge of outgrowing this facility!" Carter said.

As Matt took us through the building to see the conditions, it was a little disturbing. He showed us electrical wiring that he felt did not meet city code, water damage from roof leaks, plumbing issues causing unsanitary showering and living areas, and all of this is for the men and women we're paying to rescue us when we fall ill or victim of injury. Carter said, "In June I submitted a formal complaint to city manager Joshua Jones, he never did take any action on it—I think he filed it away. As "chief" (Interim City Manager, Dennis Burton) came into office I didn't feel the urge to just go straight away and start making all these demands." Carter continued, "The day I did, he was here within a day with bidders and contractors to get the stuff fixed. So he is on the verge now as...of today, I mean as of Friday—he's getting this stuff fixed and up to code! He's definitely put an interest and he's ready to; he says, 'Since it is a city building it needs to be, city taken care of, like whether we can fund raise or not.'"

Carter said, "Our fundraiser goal is $30,000 - that's what we're looking to go for, I'm going to kick that off today."
The Insider: "So what the city is looking at now is bring you to code, as far as their expense but the $30,000 is for remodeling and such?"
Carter: "Yes."
Hamilton: "So you're going city and then beyond?"
Carter: "Exactly…. They are looking at the structure we are looking at the upgrades and whether that be in this facility or an another facility, the 30 grand is going to go towards EMS Upgrades—facility improvements, and house improvements, washer, dryer, kitchen."

Carter went on to explain the excellence of the training provided to our team here in Hale Center, as striving to be a top-notch ACLS company with paramedics and intermediates riding on transfers as well as 9-1-1 calls when possible. Intended upgrades include provision for equipment and training to get to victims in tretcherous conditions whether it be snow, muddy dirt roads, icy roads or any other obstacles that could hender a full rescue operation.

We hope to have details and pictures of prizes in the upcoming raffle and Matt wanted to remind readers that donations can be made anytime via the PayPal link on the front page of the HaleCenterInsider.com as well as at: HaleCenterEMS.com

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Hale Center EMS Association
116 W 6th Street | PO Box 1027
Hale Center TX 79041
806-590-8042 | Fax 806-590-8043
Matt Carter, Interim Director

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