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Hale Center seeks to feed Hungry Children

(04/01/15 WBI s&tw) - When we see the sad faces of children on TV, who haven't had enough to eat, or the ones forced to miss meals - it is sometimes easy to assume that because they're on national TV it's not a real problem with those we see everyday at the post office, the store or in our city parks—but sadly we're learning differently.

We visited with Anna Rey who brought us up to speed on the fact that Hale Center has more than its fair share of kiddos who are—even now, going to bed without enough to eat...and with weekends and Summer School Break approaching there are several children who simply will not be able to eat like any of us would expect our children or grandchildren to eat. Enter Snack Pak 4Kids!

Snack Pak 4Kids is an organization that began with 10 hungry students at Will Rogers Elementary School in Amarillo. Bushland couple Dyron and Kelly Howell had discovered that Amarillo was the largest city west of Dallas without a weekend backpack program. And yet more than 3,200 children in the Amarillo Independent School District relied only on the meals served to them at school for their weekly food. That meant hundreds of children spent their nights and weekends hungry. Sadly, the reality of the matter is that there are also children right here in Hale Center that rely solely on School provided meals as well.

If you would like to help, please print out the form below and make a generous donation right now. As we are all aware, Only the Grace of God has provided for us to be born in America, educated to the extent that we have been and provided for as we are. Now may each of us reach our hands out to extend the same good graces that our Heavenly Father has shown us - by seeing that no child in our hometown, EVER has to go without eating.

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