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The State of the "Insider"
The Services We Plan to Continue

(01/12/18 WBI smw) - We began publishing the Insider in 2011 as a full service, local news, sports, and classified publication. We've never charged for local stories, extended announcements for new businesses, PSA's (Public Service Announcements), or any of the thousands of obituaries we've published and archived. And, there's never been a charge to receive the Insider online.

After systematic loss of local sponsorship, the Hale Center Insider has become a public service rather than a for-profit business...and we're OK with that. To date the Hale Center Insider earns less than $4,000 per year with more than 2,000 regular consumers per month. And though all of the readers either live in Hale Center, have ties to Hale Center, or are from Hale Center, none of the $300 per month earned comes from Hale Center Businesses.

All of this to say: We intend to continue publishing the Hale Center Insider, daily, as we have since we began. We are committed to receiving, and even editing your announcements, and publishing them in a very timely manner, with photos. We do not, however, gather, report, or write stories or articles anymore. And be assured, WE LOVE POSTING CONGRATULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS for any and all local accomplishments.

We humbly request that you only email submissions to HCInsider@hotmail.com  Instant messages, text messages, social media, and phone calls, are very difficult for us to effectively transcribe and publish, as we are seldom at our computers during business hours anymore. We hope you understand.

We have no intentions of discontinuing this publication, but because of other more meaningful commitments to our community, neither will we be expanding operations. Should any capable individuals or organizations be interested in acquiring the database, assets and distribution of the Insider, that would be considered, though we are not seeking acquisition.

Finally, while we're on the topic of spreading news and announcements in a timely manner, remember our Facebook Group "Breaking - Hale Center Insider" which is approaching 3,500 members of local folks, regional folks, alumni, and previous residents. Join it today by clicking the link above and clicking "Join"...AND PLEASE REMEMBER, when making timely announcements in this group, please also send Terry or Sally a private message letting us know your message is awaiting approval, as sometimes Facebook is hours late notifying us of pending announcements.

Thank you for your interest in this community forum, and for your valuable cooperation.

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