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Praise God!
Due to an individual's kindness and obedience, through ONE GIFT, rent for 2019 has been paid in advance!

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October/November 2018 Financials
We believe the Holy Spirit has directed us to restore regular worship services at the old "Friendship Holy Baptist Church" formerly "Lone Star Baptist Church" at 612 Avenue A in Hale Center. The building has been pad-locked and vacated for decades, so it needs a lot of work! October & November saw the bathrooms being remodeled and the instalation of a central heating system...thank you for your donations! Please prayerfully consider being a part with a regular, or one-time, tax-deductible donation.

Below are a list of Donor's assigned numbers and the amount they have donated
in in December of 2018. To receive a donor number contact us at: welove2laugh@hotmail.com, or on Facebook and we will assign you a number. When your donation is received, the cumulative, monthly amount will appear next to your number. All donations will be tax deductible and a receipt for your donation will be made available at the end of the year
Expenditures and church balance is below in the "printable area" of this page.

If you would like to donate, you may request a Donor Number ID from Sally or me on Facebook, in person, or by email at: welove2laugh@hotmail.com


DN#090118 - $000.00
DN#090318 - $000.00


DN#090418 - $000.00
Wknd of 12-01-18
- $1,751.00

Wknd of 12-08-18
- $332.60


DN#100118 - $215.00
DN#100218 - $000.00
DN#100418 - $000.00

Tithes and offerings paid regularly by check are shown under Tithes & Offerings and are recorded to each donors annual total and will be reflected in your year-end tax receipt. Sub-totals are available upon request.

December Funds Received $2298.60

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Expenses PAID in December, 2018
* Domain Names for Website - GoDaddy $59.54
* Berringer 12 Ch Mixer - eBay $99.99
* USB 3.0 Active Extension Cables - eBay $99.23
* Gasoline - Allsup'sy $10.00
* Restrooms, Electric, Etc. - Wal-Mart $46.20
* Building Materials - WBI $319.26
* Great Stuff Insulation - McCoy' $19.05
* Floral Arrangement -Watson Family $74.99
* Gasoline - Wal-Mart $40.00
* Vestibule Materials - McCoy' $47.94
* Vestibule Materials - McCoy' $127.07
* Vestibule Materials - McCoy' $28.87
* Entrance Security - Wal-Mart $18.36
* Vestibule Labor Help - James Swearington $200.00
* Plumbing Restroom Parts - McCoy' $15.99
* Church Housekeeping - Tanya Rogers $75.00
* Sheetrock/Insulation - McCoy' $208.31
* Gasoline - Allsup's $32.00
* Heating Diesel - Allsup's $28.83

** Expenses listed under Local Benevolence Ministries and Missions are funds used from the general account above for meeting needs of others in the community. Anyone with a donor ID# may request to see what these expenses are at any time, they will otherwise be kept anonymous. Receipts are available for review by anyone with a donor ID#.

Church Balance as of 12/10/2018
Upcoming needs include:
P.A. System - est.: $1250.00
Bathroom Remodels (Labor) - est.: $500.00
Heater/Pump & Plumbing for Baptistry - est.: $550.00
Sheetrock /Insulation Sanctuary - est.: $2,000
Entry Door Repair/Replacement - est.: $1,200
Remodel Hallways & SS Rooms - est.: $1,200
Choir Loft, Pulpit Floor/Replacement - est.: $2,500
New Electrical/Throughout - est.: $1,800
Demolish/Rebuild Fellowship Hall - est.: $00.000

Total immediate needs: $13,200.00
**Monthly Rent of $300.00 per month will resume January 1, 2020

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