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(05/11/13 WBI s&tw) - The Insider is pleased to announce that Mark Laney & Troy Bollinger are now partners in the Laney Law Firm, which offices in Plainview. They will be providing a regular informational column for the Hale Center Insider titled "Did You Know?". The Column will feature legal tidbits and general needed information. They will dispel some legal myths and provide knowledge either not generally known and/or most often misunderstood by the lay-public.

Unless the reader has been involved -- willingly or involuntarily -- in a lawsuit or the court system, they are often sadly unprepared. Mark & Troy hope to share with the readers new and previously little known legal information. Even if one has been involved with legal issues or the legal system process, many are still left confused and frustrated. Laney Law Firm's new partners wish to educate and enlighten readers on an often uncomfortable and bewildering process.

To give an idea or preview of some of the areas of discussion by the legal pair, the following examples were reported to the Insider by Mark and Troy:

Additionally, the pair reserves the right to bring to the readers tidbits not related to laws or the legal system, just good old fashioned interesting information.

The column will generally be short for a quick, but informative and educational read.

As the regular piece is developed, Mark and Troy said they hope to have feedback on ideas for improvements sent to the email address that will be included in the column. They are are open to suggestions for improvement from readers. Troy said: "While we will respond in the column to general questions and topics requested, we will refrain from answering specific questions for which one should privately seek legal advice."

We're excited to present this new column to our readers and proud to be working with Mark Laney & Troy Bollinger. You can learn more about them and review their respective credentials by clicking on their names.

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