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"Cultivated Cemeteries?"
If Folks Could Truly"
Roll Over In Their Graves"

Watching Greed Grow
...After You Die

Because of the sad but true observations over my over 40 year legal career, if I have said it once to clients, I have said it thousands of times "If folks could truly 'roll over in their graves', we'd have cultivated cemeteries—because of what the adult 'children' do" and the greed over money that surfaces, after their parents are gone.

Take away the opportunity. If you had given thorough thought and preparation, and had your will properly prepared, you likely will have not have given your children even the "opportunity" to disagree.

However, not having a properly drafted will (whether you either do not have a will at all, or you have a will, but it is not properly drafted) is fertile ground for fussing among heirs—for disagreement and hostility to surface—as your neighbors, friends and lawyers "watch greed grow" among your children and heirs.

And then there are the children that come in before their parents have passed and say:  "We need to protect my parents assets because they are going into the nursing home."

What they are really saying is we need to protect and preserve "MY INHERITANCE!"

Why do children think they are "entitled" to their parents' property? Granted that is usually not done when there are children surviving, but parents are free to give their property to anyone they wish; children, non-children, church, their favorite charity, etc.

And the children of the ones that have told me "Oh, my children would never fight over anything" sometimes end up being the worse.

Footnote:  generally, transferring assets to protect them has to be done by one more than 5 years before that person enters into the nursing home.

You think this does not apply to you and/or you ask: so, what does all this mean to me?
Just because you do not have kids, you are not home free—you still have heirs.
Just because you have almost no property, you are not home free—the smallest of estates sometimes generate the greatest of greed. Let Laney & Bollinger help you to eliminate opportunities for there to be a fuss after you are gone—so you can rest in peace (without rolling over in your grave.)

This article is not just for Parents. It's for children, too—small, adult and all in between—and particularly those who still have parents still living:  Your parents love you and have sacrificed helping you to grow up—after they are gone, act grown up—and mature—and let them rest in peace after they are gone.

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 Watching Greed Grow...AFTER You Die.

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